Professional Sound Reinforcement & Accessories Sales
Benmarks provides Sales and Service of products for:
  • Agricultural Fairs and Events - Check out our Brochure (Click Here)
  • Meeting and Breakout Room Systems
  • VHF/ UHF Wireless Microphones - headsets, lapels, handheld
  • Conference Room Recording Systems
  • Public Address - press conference, outdoor events 
  • Club, DJ Systems & Theatres 
  • Concert Sound Reinforcement - consoles, stacks and racks, processing, monitor systems
  • Wiring solutions & supporting hardware for cabling sound setups
  • Monitoring solutions for counseling rooms
  • Assistive Listening Solutions
  • Portable sound solutions
  • Outdoor venue sound reinforcement
  • AND MORE…. just ask us, we will know or find the answer.
Focus Group Solutions Benmarks Focus Group services are 2nd to no one!
  • Attention to detail & client needs
  • All setup, teardown, tapes & technician attending all included
  • Low profile studio grade mics utilized
  • Overlap & redundant recording prevents recording loss
  • High resolution, low light, color corrected, wide angle lens cameras with small profile utilizied
  • Benmarks confidentiality assured
Staging & Production From a simple Projector & Screen to an Elaborate Stage - we've got you covered! Sometimes all you need is a just a Video Projector and a Screen. At other times, you'll need a fully designed Stage with Lighting, Sets, Screens and Backdrops. Benmarks is a full-service company providing comprehensive service with quality Alliances in Production and Lighting. We're experts at handling any size meeting or event, from a 50 person training session to a 5,000-person convention. Need to work miracles with your budget? Benmarks can help you in your planning towards meeting your goals without sacrificing everything. When it comes time to create the "big stage" we're here for you. Just give us a rough concept of what you're looking for and we'll design it, deliver it, and execute along with you in a successful event. Challenge us with your ideas; we love a good challenge. Architectural Installation Services Benmarks offers Professional Installations. Planning, Design and Attention to Detail are the Focus of Our Systems Installations DESIGN - We work in tandem with architects to integrate our designs with their project. INTEGRATION - Our suspended speaker arrays are designed for optimal performance and integrated into the decorative scheme to produce the best sound and look for your facility. We want to be heard, not seen. ENGINEERING - CAD drawings are produced as part of our overall package, utilized to illustrate every aspect of detail and technical design in a project. SCHEDULING - Coordination with General Contractor's Architects, and stakeholders for timely workflow. HOUSES OF WORSHIP - sound & projection CONFERENCE FACILITIES - intercom, sound reinforcement & AV solutions SCHOOLS & AUDITORIUMS - intercom, sound, projection & mounting solutions NIGHT CLUBS & PERFORMANCE STAGES - sound reinforcement and effects MILITARY BASES - intercom, public address, CCTV THEATRES - sound reinforcement Institutional Intercom & PA Services Universities, Technical Colleges, Public Schools and other complex structures are all served with our quality Installation, Upgrade & Technical Support services for their Intercom & PA needs. These systems are highly specialized in their needs and require specifically trained technicians for installation and repair. Benmarks are experts with Institutional Intercom & PA. Benmarks primarily utilizes DUKANE intercom equipment in these installations. Benmarks aims to provide a solution to your problems, not just fix the result of these problems. If a system is failing, there is always a reason for it's failure. We look for the solution to it's failure.

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