Benmarks carries a wide range of top-of-the-line equipment from leading manufacturers. All our equipment is pre-tested and ready for rent.

Choose from the latest models in computers, monitors, presentation and audio/visual equipment, and more. Select from a range of flexible
rental terms.  When you're ready, simply call our helpful representatives at (204) 727-3638.

Benmarks strives to provide:
  • Superior, cutting edge technology. We want you to have the latest, most efficient equipment for your purposes. Besides we want the best equipment for own uses in our Staging & Production services; your equipment is the same equipment we use in our professional services.
  • Equipment & Services that work right the first time. All the equipment we provide is pre-tested by our technicians before we release it to you.
  • Image building equipment & Services. We constantly maintain and care for our equipment and supporting accessories in order to provide a first rate professional image to you. Your clientele expect the best, so we provide it.
  • Timely service provision. Your requests are booked immediately into our computerized booking/calendar system, backed with manual redundancy so we ensure delivery in a timely fashion.
  • The right equipment for the required task. Our representatives are trained to offer alternatives, which would guarantee desired results given the situation. We want your event to succeed; our goal is to assist you in making BEST choices.

  • Benmarks Representatives: or (204) 727-3638

LCD Projectors

Benmarks carries an assortment of LCD Projectors from 1000 Lumens up.  All projectors are manufactured by Sanyo
and are complete with Remote Control, SVGA Cable, Macintosh VGA Adapter, Carrying Case and Instruction Sheet.
Portable PA Systems

Benmarks has Portable PA systems for groups of 10-300 people.  All systems come complete with a minimum of 1
(one) Wireless Mic (hand/headset/lapel), Stand, AC Adapter, and Instruction Sheet. Additional Mics available
upon request for most portable systems.

Our Microphone Rental Inventory is complete with wired and wireless mics.  We offer different options from Boundary,
to condensor, to dynamic.  Our goal is to provide you with the right mic for your application.

With over 150 channels of wireless available, Benmarks can provide for any and all of your microphone requirements.

Benmarks Extensive screen inventory includes tripods, rollouts, post & cradles and fast-folds.  With more than 10
different sizes, we can make your presentation come alive.
Overhead Projectors

Yes, we still carry Overhead Projectors. For those presenters that do not trust LCD projectors or computers, this
is the next best option for small meeting rooms.  Our Overhead Projectors feature a built-in backup bulb, 10 sheets
of transparancy paper, and 1 (one) package of Overhead Markers.
Slide Projectors

Have you just returned from a trip and want to share your slides with everyone?  Benmarks Slide Projectors are
manufactured by Kodak and feature a remote control (with optional extension), multiple lensing options, stacking
capabilities and wireless remote control available.

Our Rental Inventory of Televisions consists of 25" Television/VCR Combination Units.  All Televisions come with
a remote control, television cart on wheels with black dress kit and a powerbar with a 10 foot cord.

Combination Flipchart/Easel units with three legs and sleek design allow your corporate event to maintain a
professional look.  All flipcharts are black and come with 1 (one) pad of flipchart paper and 4 (four) colors of
Sound Reinforcement Systems

Our Sound Systems are designed and customized with your event and needs in mind. We are capable of providing
crystal clear audio to your audience, no matter the size or the venue.  We specialize in providing clear and intelligable
sound to the "worst sounding" rooms.
Laptop Computers

As a service to our event clients, we offer both breakout and plenary laptop/desktop computers.  Our rental inventory
laptops have been built with presentations in mind.  From purchasing to software installation, our team has spent
months developing solid and reliable computers for your event.
Draping Systems

Benmarks Drape & Pipe systems are professional show quality heavy black drape. If your conference requires a
professional backdrop for your stage or a run-off on otherwise unsightly walls, give us a call for our Deluxe
Drape Systems. We offer draping options for both 12 foot tall and 16 foot tall.
Wireless Computer Remotes

Utilizing the best in Wireless remote controls, we can give you the ability to control your presentation without
having to go to your computer or say "next slide".  Our tested and proven remotes give dependable performance
and unique options.  Remotes are available in hand-held and mouse styles.
Lighting Systems

Our lighting systems allow your imagination to run wild.  From simple stage wash or room lighting to advanced 
special effect lighting, we can help to make your event one to remember.  We also carry fixtures designed to
work with GOBO's.  Ask us what gobos are available or we can custom order one for you.

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